"Taters, that's where the money is."

– Reggie Jackson

The all new Taterball is designed to take on the qualities of hitting a real ball without the stress.

More dense than other foam balls giving the smooth feel and “pop sound” off of the bat.

Heaviest pitching machine foam ball on the market.

Low-rise painted red seams create the look of a real ball.

Realistic flight like a leather ball.

Swing after swing...with no fear of hand/wrist pain from constantly hitting real balls.

Train using your game bat so you are ready when you step in the box.

Great for backyard batting cages with HOA rules/regulations.

More Features

The Taterball is unlike anything else in the market.

Wet Climates

During testing, the Taterball was submerged underwater for 14 hours and it did not gain an ounce.

No Rise

Unlike other foam balls, there is no last minute rise when the ball approaches the plate.


Simulated 90+ mph fastball out of a pitching machine (tested with the Hack Attack and Spinball Wizard) also used for curve, slider and more.


Simulated 70+ mph fastball out of a pitching machine (tested with the Hack Attack) also used for drop, rise, screwball and more.

Taters on the 'gram

Working out with the #1 training ball on the market.  Eliminate the stress, wear and tear on the hands/wrists.  Pitching machines, netting, bats, ect last a lot longer when using The Taterball.
When you get an email from a customer that purchased Taterballs. “It’s funny....the other night we were hitting and we had:  Marv balls, Driveline Smash Factor balls, and Jugs Lite balls.
Jr Hack set at 4.5, 4.5 and 9 from 35’ away.
Taterball flew consistently at around 62 mph and had nearly identical ball flight to a 5 oz baseball.  No rise and had expected level of decent.
Marv:  Kind of sputtered out of the machine.  Were landing near the ground and not strikes like the Tater.  Sounded more squishy out of the wheel of the Jr Hack.
Driveline:  These things want to rise and take off.  Same issue with Marv....too squishy.  Don’t feel like a baseball at contact.
Jugs:  Just bad.  Would rise about 2’. Way too soft. “. Thank you for the feedback as we love hearing our ball put up against others on the market. #mlb #milb #baseball #softball #battingcages #pitchingmachines @sports.attack #jrhackattack #hackattack #taterballs @thetaterball
Ken Joyce, Milwaukee Brewers minor league Coach and Player Development sent us this great picture of The Taterballs he received. “The “Hit Pit” will be a much better place to develop hitters with Taterballs!” We appreciate the picture and feedback.  Make sure you implement the Taterballs into your training program.  #mlb #milb @brewers #baseball #softball #indoorfacility #training #pitchingmachine #hackattack #jrhackattack @sports.attack
More feedback from across the pond.  They are lovin their Taterballs.  Get high accurate velocity with our Taterballs.  You can’t get that with other training balls on the market.  Thank you @linedrivefactory
Elevate your game with the all new Taterball!


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